Classcraft is an awesome RPG style gamified Learning Management System for your class! A true Gamification system that converts your classroom experience into an immersive, motivating and competitive atmosphere!

As for my current students registered in classcraft; unlock more XPs and upgrade your CTS leaderboard badges by fulfilling sidequests and customizing your avatars in Classcraft! Video Below is about how I use Classcraft.

The Uniqueness of Classcraft as a determinant factor for motivating the e-learning for the students is the use of fantasy role-playing game familiarity and its popularity, which is the novel method of infusing storytelling and role-playing elements into the classroom and out of classroom environment for the module Creative Thinking Skills (CTS). This platform also has the potential to be implemented for different subjects. Why is this so and why is this special? It is because of the implementation of gamification and this is an effort to do so in the tertiary education level.

Classcraft is a role-playing game created by Shawn Young based in the United States and it is specifically designed as a gamified e-learning LMS and to create an exciting learning environment. Students’ affinity for gaming and playing was used as an advantage to better control the classroom and to instil a sense of achievement when rewards are provided as they fulfilled quests and events. Each student are enrolled into Classcraft and are provided opportunities to customise their avatars and assist in collaborative efforts for their specific teams.

Drawing from the need to work in teams for every semester, this site provided the ideal team-based mechanism to ensure that every member of the team contributes as positive and negative rewards affect the entire team. They would also have the opportunity to repel negative rewards from the teacher or facilitator who is the ‘antagonist’ of the entire game. The simulation of role-playing game within the classroom parallels that of the actual journey a student would take in real life, thus this analogical equivalent is ideal to convey the classroom environment from a different perspective. For further information about classcraft please visit this website: