The Gamified Classroom

The classroom is the arena! Learning is the battle that takes place and who are the participants? Students! Students are the very ones who represent the reason for progressive and analytical processes in the development of educational pedagogy.

This site will show the current attempts and efforts to infuse gaming elements in the classroom. If you are educator and you are reading this post, then you will know like many others that the main objective to to create engagement and to maintain it using the educational technology and pedagogy relevant to current trends and popularity.

E-learning trends and attempts are actively explored to add value to the art of teaching and learning. But my approach to current pedagogical practice is that pedagogy is the educator! Yes, you are the pedagogy and not the tools and not the tech involved. Therefore it is essential to debate and discourse about the attempts along the way and trough trial and error, the best ways to make experiential and collaborative learning fruitful and exciting!

In this site, students and educators can upload blog posts and participate in the forum to share and discuss about the latest and very exciting trend, which is gamification! Check out my post on the topic: http://gamifyrealm.com/category/news/

The news link will be my posts on my current developments about my pedagogy. User posts will display posts from registered users. Your posts will be link for you to insert your posts. You will see my contact information and other links on the side bar. Feel free to explore and share!

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