Gamification. There is no definition that pins down the actual meaning of gamification apart from the context of its origin. Gaming.

In this case, the context of gamification in education. As a review of current pedgogical practices in tertiary education, it is about gamifying or the process of turning educational components into gamified elements. As Robson quotes in his study:

the application of lessons from the gaming domain in order to change stakeholder behaviours and outcomes in non-game situations (Robson et al, 2014)

So studies may suggests game inspired lessons. However, studies like this depends on an on-going process of trial and error. Refined gamified models aren’t free of issues and bugs. Why is this the case? These results point to a very important component on all gamified applications. The user or the participant, or the students, or the customer.

In terms of education each semester has different batches of students. Responses and behaviours towards lessons differ. But thats a different study. Nevertheless, the evidences are clear. Behaviour patterns are different with different batches of students. Other influences are origins, ethnic backgrounds, upbringing, religious/non religious values and perception.

A leading gamification analyst and designer Yukai Chow, has travelled and studied different cultures around the world in the pursuit of finding and validating the Octalysis framework. A framework which he has created based on his studies on the application of gamified mechanics on non-game situation, businesses and marketing, advertising, education and other fields. I have attended one of his workshop not too long ago and I have to say, what he is doing is validating not only my own hypothesis but many others around the world especially those caught up with the gaming phenomenon, that gamification actually makes significant difference in pretty much anything. Check out his talk below.

The octalysis frame work which he pioneered comprised of 8 criterias or steps to gamify your products, lessons or business.

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