Clash Royale!

Gamified lessons and online platforms are gaining popularity! You could find platforms like Kahoot! Quizzizz and other similar ones out there which does the trick. It engages the students! The bottomline is that we want the very thing that engages students to engage them in class!

But after much failures to get them to even notice your during lectures or putting with their yawns and the “I don’t wanna be here now” look which obviously tells us that they were either having the morning blues, or just plain not interested. (not all of them, but we do get a few)

That is a challenge for us. Why the mobile platforms get more attention than the gamified online platforms? Purpose, to do gamified quizzes as homework for the sake of homework or pure entertainment?

Inspired from what my son plays on his Samsung tablet, after his homework and lessons, (I am careful to write about this! hahaha!) Clash Royale seemed pretty much fun! The video below is an intro to Clash Royale.

Its from the makers of Clash of Clans. But i have never been a fan of mobile games at all! At the most i go for is a simple puzzle and i never go past level 5 because I have no time to even kill time with them as they are so uninteresting. well at least to me. But with Clash Royale, it is so engaging. It forces you to strategise so fast that you just can’t waste time thinking to much. I continue to take risks after risks and also quick estimations and also to plan your backups. Its like you are tasks with the responsibility to send your units to their deaths as long as you bring down the enemy towers. Only thing is you need to reinforce them and to also select the right units and to estimate the amount of elixir needed to spend on each unit and estimating and predicting elixir and timing dynamics of the enemy.

It is probably the best time killer I have ever known. But there’s more. You get to create your own clan and possibly recruit your own friends who are playing. The fun part is, the multiplayer part. Also clan customization, creating your own logo, organizing your own tournaments, upgrading, unlockables and etc. It has as Yukai Chow showed in the Octalysis framework:, everything a game would need to retain the interests of the players. Check out the gameplay and other information from the website below.

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