Welcome to my Gamification Adventure!

Hi and welcome. I have started this website to consolidate my findings and research in the areas of gamification for my classroom. Like many other educators, I am also seeking solutions to make my classroom a engaging one and a conducive atmosphere for collaborative learning.

I have been in education for over 17 years, and I have been teaching, facilitating and training. But I have only begun my PhD almost 4 years ago. I said almost because I am in the midst of completing and i hope this website would be able to show some additional visual evidence if not all. My research area is pedagogy and to me it is a real fascinating area of study. This is because it requires so much observation and reflection!

Ever since I got engaged in scientific study of pedagogy, I saw the opportunity to study gaming nd its influence in learning. Fortunately, this gamification phenomenon got started more seriously over the past 10 years or so and there are current studies and literature as well as publications concerning them. This made it easier for me to conduct my research.

Therefore I will also be writing reviews. Actually I have always wanted an honest and easier channel to express my passion for this study and research and I am hoping I could blog honestly and my views regarding gamification and games. This website is still work in progress but It is with my intention to connect and exchange with other educators about what I am studying and about newer pedagogical e-learning technologies which would be beneficial for any educator who is willing to try something new!

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